Have you met Green Giant Tall Paul, the Guardian of the Woodland Pathway?

Have you met Green Giant Tall Paul, the Guardian of the Woodland Pathway?

He lies sound asleep a stone’s throw from the ‘Boreen’ bridge, the little path that crosses Storrs Brook, soothed by the lullaby of trickling water until any ill dares pass, then this gentle giant will rise up to protect all that lies within Storrs Wood.

Can you spot his ‘nose to his toes’ when venturing along our woodland walks?

Andrew talks of the inspiration behind the latest and longest sculpture to be found in Storrs Wood:

“I wanted to do something a bit more interactive for people visiting the wood and I’ve always liked the idea of having spirit guardians that protect the woodland paths.

My youngest daughter, Rowan helped plant the grass seed covering Tall Paul’s belly. In Britain, the rowan tree is thought to protect against Dark Magic and its colourful red berries deemed to protect against enchantment. You’ll see a Rowan tree just a whisker away on the opposite side of the path. Tall Paul also lies akin to where the woodland pathways cross, in mythology crossroads can represent a location between worlds where spirits abound and the unlikely takes place.


Tall Paul also has a namesake in a dry stone waller friend who I’ve collaborated on many a creative work project of late. Dry stones walls started me on my artistic journey and in Yorkshire can date back to over 600 years ago when they were built to repel wolves and offer shelter and habitat for animals, birds, flora and fauna.”

Looking for Tall Paul

Families can pick up an activity trail at our open weekends to help discover the resting place of the guardian of the woodland pathway.

Look out for more tales of Tall Paul to come as Autumn falls upon us.

Our next open Woodland Weekend is on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September 11am-4pm. Free admission. Activity trails £1. Find out more here : Stoneface Creative Woodland Weekend


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