Development of the woodland then and now

Since owning Storrs wood I have made a lot of changes to revitalise and bring health back into the woodland whilst also turning it into a one of a kind community space that everybody can enjoy.


I began working on the development of Storrs Wood alone back in 2011 and it was an incredibly amazing yes daunting task.


The images below show you a before and after look at just a small amount of the work I had to do.





Beginning to build the Woodshed. 




Adding the Path way that runs down the side of 

The Woodshed.





Looking up towards the unfinished building.





Standing in what is now the natural spring pond.





Looking down towards the pond from the Woodshed.




Looking up towards the Woodshed.





Working on the Pond.





Another view of the pond in progress.





Another Viewpoint from the back of the woodshed.



Digging out the pond and looking to over to the

Starman .





Looking through the woodland.





A view of what is now the pond.




Going down the woodland arts trail.





Looking up the trackway. 





Looking towards the log shed and Stone Circle.





Going further down the wood towards the bridge.





Viewing the track from the river.





The Bridge.