About us


Andrew vickers

My interest in creating art from stone began around twenty five years ago. As a dry stone Waller I began to notice that walls were being erected with no trace left behind to identify the Waller responsible. Therefore I decided to be the first to leave my mark on the walls I built, so that in years to come people would recognise my work. This is where the idea came from to place small stone faces I carved, from the waling stone, into the walls themselves. That’s where Stoneface was born.  
After discovering that I could take images from my mind and create them in stone I began striving to create more, using bigger pieces of stone on more intricate projects.  
My passion to create art grew and with it so did Stoneface. Creating art for a range of clientele from rock stars to politicians, my love for what I do constantly grows stronger. 
I was fortunate enough to purchase Storrs woodland around four years ago. This amazing space has become a massive influence in my work. This outdoor gallery allows me to work openly and freely with my projects. I have great plans for the woodland in the future.

Son of Stoneface

Tom Vickers

Although I don’t use a hammer and chisel to do my work I still have a passion for creating art. From a young age I have always enjoyed the medias of both Photography and graphic design I was fortunate enough to use these skills in my previous professions before coming and joining my Dad at Stoneface creative.