Talbot Special School Visit

Talbot Special School Visit

This week Blog post has been guest written by a good friend of ours who wanted to tell you about the visit we made to a great school last month.

In our continued support for Talbot Special School, which provides full time education for 170 children with disabilities, we work with staff to provide experiences that educate and stimulate the children. It was with this in mind that I asked Andrew (Stoneface )

If he would visit the school and do a carving workshop. As always when it’s for charity, he agreed immediately.

Knowing how much the kids love superheroes, along with his son and business partner Tom, he took down an Iron Man bust carved from sandstone and showed them and the kids and teachers how to carve their initials  into it.

It was a wonderful few hours, as rewarding for us as for the kids.

Andrew donated the bust to the school and has just mounted it on a plinth which he will erect in the Sensory Garden at school where all the pupils can see and feel their handiwork.

A big thanks from us and everyone at Talbot to Andrew and Tom for their time and generosity.

Steve Eyre


President Worldofsuperheroes.com

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