From Acorns grow Mighty Oaks

From Acorns grow Mighty Oaks

As Autumn begins and the leaves fall from the trees here at Storrs wood, we thought it would be a good idea to enlighten you on our re-planting program. Each year when the acorns begin to fall from the trees we set about gathering as many as possible, before they’re snapped up by the squirrels, ready to be planted on in pots. Once potted it can take anywhere between six to eighteen months for saplings to mature and become ready for replanting in the woodland. For each sycamore tree that we are currently removing, in accordance with our woodland management plan, we replace with five of our young oak saplings. We hope that one day Storrs wood will be returned  to its original state as a fully oak and beech woodland, even though this could take up to twenty or thirty years depending on how fast the saplings grow.


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  • Chris Vickers
    Posted at 19:09h, 10 November Reply

    Great Idea Andrew.

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