Stories Behind the Sculpture

Whenever I create a new sculpture there is always a story behind it to be told. Here is some of those Sculpture Stories.

The Native


The inspiration for the Native sculpture comes from both Native American and Pagan cultures. These two where oceans apart but the similarities between the two and their connections to nature where what really inspired this piece. The Sculpture purposefully sits in a very dense section of the woodland gallery so that it has naturally turned green over time.

The Star Man


The Star Man is made from over 1000 individual hand cut pieces of DVDs. I was inspired to create this by the Late David Bowie, the sculpture sits in the heart of the woodland gallery and reflects all the colours of the woodland and is there for constantly changing colour.



The Sculpture Sybil is loosely based off of an American Woman who had the most individual identifiable personalities. The sculpture is an interpretation of what some one with so many personalities would look like.



Naked is one of the first large pieces I carved. The sculpture was carved entirely by hand and depicts a naked woman curled up. Even though the piece is of a naked woman the inspiration behind it comes from me putting on my first art exhibition and baring all to the public.

The Face in the wall


One of the very first faces / sculptures you have to walk past to enter my woodland gallery and only a few people ever see it. The Face in the wall was designed to be one of my sculptures that you could walk past a 1000 times and never see it then one day it stands out to you.

The Mould Man


The Mould Man Stands on top of where a huge tree once stood in the woodland gallery. The Tree Sadly had a fungus inside it that rotted the tree from the inside out so it had to be cut down. I turned the fungus  that killed the tree into a paste/ clay substance and created the Man from it so the sculpture literally grew from the place it now stands.

The Vision


The Vision. Two huge stone hands that wrap around a large Magnifying glass. The idea behind the sculpture is that people look through the glass lens and it warps their perspective of the world through the other side.

Tall Paul


Tall Paul is the sleeping giant of the Storrs Wood (The woodland gallery). He was created to be the protector of the woodland and another interactive piece that people love interact with.

Behind the Mask


Behind the mask is a huge stone face that sits in a metal frame that can be spun around. On one side of the sculpture a face / mask and on the other is all the thoughts and imaginations that go on inside the mind.