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The Sun Worshipper



The Sun Worshipper 

The Sun Worshipper Part of the Broken Grindstone Collection

The Sun Worshipper is something that I have incorporated into my artworks for over 20 years. Carved entirely by hand this sculpture is carved out of an old broken grindstone.
The Sculpture stands securely above the ground and is held up by an elegant yet sturdy steel stand.

A bit about the broken grindstone collection

The Broken Grindstone Collection was created in 2016 and features sculptures I have carved from old broken grindstones. Grindstones have an incredible history to them and once the stone is broken people don’t usually want them so i decided to create art from them. I carve my art into the section of grindstone that is broken and leave as much of grindstone intact as possible.

Sculpture Size 

Length : 36  inch
Width : 18.5 inch
Height : 40 inch

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