Artworks Sheffield Helping out in the wood.

Artworks Sheffield Helping out in the wood.

Last week we began our first joint project with Art Works Sheffield to help create some dead heading in the woodland gallery.

Dead hedging is a great natural way that uses all the brash and natural waste from the wood to create boundaries through out the woodland gallery that can also be used as habitats for a wide range of the wildlife such as birds, mice and other animals that calls Storrs wood there home.

The guys at Artworks Sheffield are used to taking on a new challenge and dived straight in to getting there hands dirty, weather it was carrying the brash to its new location or building the dead heading they did a fantastic job and certainly earned there dinner around the fire pit a lunch time.


We can’t wait to have the guys from art work Sheffield back with us for future projects.


A little bit about Artworks Sheffield

Art Works is a Creative Arts organisation for adults and children with learning disabilities and autism. We also cater for sensory and physical disabilities as well. We were established in November 2015 and the centre is run by Liz Carrington and Kayleigh Cruickshank who both have a background in care, the arts and teaching. Art Works is a not for profit community interest company and we exist to improve the lives of disabled adults and children across South Yorkshire by providing first class artist led workshops and creative work placements and volunteer programmes to ensure we give our service users chance for community involvement and to build crucial life skills as well as to develop artistic talent.  We are proud to be one of the Mayor of Sheffield’s chosen charity for the year and we currently help about 30 disabled people and provide about 20 volunteer placements with a centre in Malin Bridge, Parsons Cross and our new centre in Thorpe Hesley Rotherham. We complete workshops in dance drama art photography and media on a weekly basis and run volunteer programmes to places like Stone Face, The Wildlife Trust, Sheffield Documentary Film Festival and the Greyhound Trust to name a few.

A few images from the day.

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