Fern & Mr Green

Fern & Mr Green

Finally after 4 solid months of working on Fern and Mr Green it is finally finished so I just wanted to create a little blog post to collate all of the images of my working process into one place for every body to view.

Chalk is not something I usually sculpt with but I happened to come across a Rough half ton cylinder shaped block one day and decided to incorporate it into an idea that I had wanted to do for a while that involved a large oak branch that had fallen during bad weather. Chalk is much softer type of stone than what I usually work with so I had to use a different set of chisels ones that aren’t much different from what you would use to carve wood. I found that you could show much more detail whilst working in chalk how ever adding the fine details was incredibly time consuming and just as hard work as it would have been working in a harder stone.

Once the carving was nearing completion I began to work on the frame that was going to hold the sculpture up. The frame is made entirely from Oak and was a learning curve in itself to make but I couldn’t be happier with the end results.

Why not take a look at the speed carving videos we created while working on Fern & Mr Green.


Heres some images of Fern & Mr Green from start to finish.


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