War memorial Sculpture Unveiling

War memorial Sculpture Unveiling

Sunday 4th September 2.00pm
Unveiling of “The Broken Man”
Completion of The Storrs Wood War Memorial
On the photo marked is the position for the latest commission SCULPTURE which will complete the War Memorial.
Tucked away in the heart of Storrs Wood – Sheffield you will find one of “Yorkshires Best Kept Secrets.”
Within the best-kept secrets of Yorkshire is “The Storrs Wood War Memorial” that is located by the side of the road and gives prominence to the stone sculptures “Poppy” and “Remorse”
“Poppy” is a face carved into stone which symbolizes the face of every lost and fallen soldier, closely watched over by a stone sculptured cloaked lady weeping called “Remorse” which symbolizes all the mothers / families who have lost their loved ones.
These two sculptures are sat in a semi circle stone seating area for everyone to go to share and spend time to release memories of sadness and even happiness.
It’s a hidden treasure for all to view and while you are sat with “Poppy & Remorse” you can listen to the river and trees whisper to you.
When you do visit “Poppy & Remorse” please bring your poppy and place it onto the face of the fallen soldier.
The Wood Shed, Storrs Lane. Stanington, Sheffield. S6 6Gy
For More details: www.stonefacecreative.com

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