Photographer Showcase Karl McAuley

Photographer Showcase Karl McAuley

Today we are happy to bring you some more great images and our second entry into our Photographer showcase. This weeks images have been submitted by Karl McAuley. .


Karl McAuley


I have lived in Sheffield almost all my life, for a living I work as a Web Operations Engineer (a grand title for a web application programmer/developer) but I would rather be out taking photographs, I seem to have gravitated towards photographing objects rather than people, but I’m quite happy taking pictures in all sorts of styles given the opportunity. For me the two photos I’ve chosen to enter for the Stoneface competition have a cheerful character, the use of black and white has allowed me to increase the contrast, emphasising the chiseled lines of the sculptures and hopefully keep the eye interested.


Karl’s flickr:


If you woud like to enter our photoger showcase and have a chance and winning a signed stone sculpture please get in contact at [email protected]


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