Photographer showcase competition

Photographer showcase competition

For a while now we have had photographers of all skills levels ask if they can come down to Storrs wood and take pictures of our work and woodland surroundings and we are always more than happy to let them. So this week we have decided to begin something brand new to our blog and that is the ‘Photographers showcase’. We will be asking Photographers of all skill levels to come down to the woods and take pictures of the sculptures and their surroundings. Once we have had a fair amount of entries will ask an independent adjudicator to come down and pick the best photo taken and the winner will receive an original Stoneface sculptor for 1st prize.


This competition is open to photographers of all skill levels, so if you would like to get involved or want more information please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap.





  • You can take as many images as you like while you are at the woods but may only submit up to 2


  • Image editing is allowed


  • Sculptures must be visible in all images but don’t always have to be the main subject


  • At least one image must have a sculpture as its main feature


  • All image you submit must be of your own work


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