This weeks blog post was written by a good friend of ours who would like to share his story about the Archer Project a sheffield based organisation who help the homeless.

As a patron of The Archer Project, a Sheffield charity helping the homeless people of our fair city, I was invited to help out on Christmas Day to help serve the Christmas dinner. It was such an inspirational and humbling experience I stayed all day with them, enjoying their company and a sumptuous Christmas feast, playing games with them in the afternoon and, I might add, losing at table tennis and chess, and then packing them off in the evening with Turkey sandwiches as they left to spend the cold winters night wherever they could find shelter.
Shortly before Christmas, my great friend, Stoneface, the renowned sculptor who’s talent is only matched by his generosity, presented me with a canvass that his son Tom had produced. It contained an image on a black background of a stone sculpture of Batman that Stoneface had created for me for my grandchildren.
I knew that Christmas Day with the homeless would live in my memory forever but I wanted something tangible that I could take away with me.
To this end I took the canvas with me and during the course of that wonderful day I asked all the homeless guests and the selfless volunteers to sign the canvas and to this day, it has pride of place in my office and remains one of my prized possessions.
So let’s spare a thought, especially at this time of year, for those unfortunate souls who won’t be spending Christmas Eve in a warm home surrounded by family and friends but can at least, thanks to the sterling efforts of those involved in the Archer Project, look forward to a hearty and comfortable Christmas Day.

All best wishes.

Steve Eyre.

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